Client names may have been changed to protect their identities.

If you’ve ever applied for any government assistance, or if you are elderly and looking for help on your own, you can quickly become confused, overwhelmed, and deeply discouraged by the bureaucratic maze of eligibility requirements, application procedures and changing time lines. There seems to be no end to it! That was how it was for me until I happened upon Chris O’Hanlon and Senior Advocates. After just a few minutes of talking to him, I rejoiced that I had found him. Further experience has only confirmed in me that first impression; over and over again, his knowledge, dedication, generosity, and compassion have deftly and quickly guided me to a happy and secure place.

Dennis, Age 67

I am 92 years old and I live all alone. I needed help, but the County told me I would have to pay $700 out of pocket for help leaving me with just $600 a month to live on. I couldn’t do that. Senior Advocates helped me get full Medi-Cal benefits and 104 hours of In Home Supportive Services per month. I feel like I’m on top of the world now.

Ronald, Age 92

My husband and I were in our early 60’s and owners of a successful small business when I had a stroke. This ended up opening the door for several years of extended hospital stays due to complications of the stroke. Always able to control my life, I became depressed after losing our business and life savings to pay medical bills. After three years of feeling despair and helpless I called Senior Advocates and Chris put our lives back together piece by piece, never taking “no” for an answer. Chris is the “older”, “much wiser” friend people always hear about, but can never find. Thank you for always continuing to fight the fight for those of us who have no voice in the system.

Amy, Age 62

Today I moved into a new Senior apartment that has taken me years to accomplish. When I first got into trouble I called every agency in the desert and got bounced around from one to the other. I finally called Senior Advocates and they were the only ones who came out and talked to me. They got my Social Security and Medi-Cal straightened out and helped me get this apartment. Many times they have taken my Medi-Cal insurance away and Senior Advocates has always got it back for me. I don’t know what I would have done without Senior Advocates and I thank God every day for them. They gave me my dignity back.

Frances, Age 75

You came to my rescue at just the right time. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t think, sleep or eat. You truly are an angel in disguise. Senior Advocates of the Desert Deserves so much more. I feel blessed to know you.

Ann, Age 61

Senior Advocates opened my eyes to so many things. I tried for so many years to get help, but I always had the door slammed in my face. I was always told Tom didn’t qualify and I always got nowhere. You feel like you are in the dark and you don’t know how to go about things. Now we are not worried as much about how we are going to make it.

Brad and Tom, Ages 57 and 67

When I called Senior Advocates of the Desert I was totally down and out and I was almost going to be put on the streets. I'm 77 years old and I was turned down by Social Security so I had no income and no health insurance even though I worked enough quarters to qualify. I'm legally blind from glaucoma. I didn't have a current I.D. and no agency would give me one. I called lots of agencies and they just wanted to talk on the phone and refer me to food banks but I couldn't get there. I called Senior Advocates of the Desert and they took me to get food, got me my I.D, and they helped me get my Social Security Retirement, Medicare and Medi-Cal. I don't know where I'd be without Senior Advocates of the Desert.

David L., Age 77

I would never have been able to take the pressure of dealing with Medi-Cal without Senior Adovcates of the Desert's help. I am 83 years old and I get an anxiety attack every time I get something from Medi-Cal. Being a former professional in business, I can't handle it and I think about people who don't have my experience and I worry about how they deal with all this because without Senior Advocates of the Desert I never could have handled it physically, mentally or emotionally.

Georgia D, Age 83

With my heartfelt appreciation to Chris O'Hanlon, MSW, Senior Advocates of the Desert and all their wonderful assistance when being faced with my personal disaster in my early sixties. After 26 years as a homeowner and then suddenly losing my home, Senior Advocates assisted me by finding a county agency that provided me with a subsidized apartment. They helped me apply for Social Security disability benefits and when I was initially denied, they helped me find an attorney who won my case on appeal. Chris was reassuring by his constant and friendly encouragement that I would make it through all the obstacles. He was like finding a true friend, and in the darkness, a beacon of hope.

Ken A., Age 62

I called Senior Advocates because I had no income, no car, no health insurance and I lived all alone. My savings were running out and I didn't know what I was going to do. Senior Advocates took me to the Social Security office and helped me get monthly income and health insurance. It was too good to be true. I feel so good now.

Marie., Age 68

I did not understand all the paperwork I was getting in the mail. Senior Advocates helped me get SSI, Medicare Part B, Medi-Cal and the discount rates for utilities. I couldn't afford my apartment so they helped me find a subsidized senior apartment. I don't know what would have happened without Senior Advocates’ help and support.

Fay H. Age 75